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This Is the Biggest Botox Mistake You Can Make...

By Renee Jacques
May 11, 2016

In honor of the new season of “BOTCHED” Dr. Joseph looks at the recommendations of the “Botched” doctors in a recent article in Allure.

On the biggest Botox mistake you can make:

Paul: “[People] get too much, especially in their forehead. It drops the eyebrows and it can sometimes drop the upper eyelid, which is called eyelid ptosis, and you never want to see that happen.”

Dr. Joseph: “I agree 100%. Over treating the forehead causes a frozen and/or heavy look. My patients come in to look rested, refreshed, and brighter. Over treating the forehead does the opposite, but I still see it far too often walking around Newport Beach, or really all of Orange County. This is where having the light hand of a specialized micro-surgeon can really pay off”

What Areas Can Botox Treat?

Botox can treat so much more than just the forehead. There are many facial muscles that cause wrinkling. The most noticeable, and most common muscles are the muscles around the eyes.

Between the brows (The 11’s)

There are three primary muscles that cause furrowing between the brows and the very common vertical lines or 11s that form with time. Relaxing these muscles without taking away their action completely is the goal of a Botox treatment and natural result in this area. This enables a softening of the lines while still maintaining normal expression.

Next to the eyes (The crow’s feet)

Changes in this area are very common, and contribute to the heavy, saggy look that the eyes can develop with time. These lines are caused by over contraction of the muscle responsible for closing the eyelids, called the orbicularis oculi muscle. This muscle can also bring down the very important outside portion, or tail of the eyebrow. This contributes to the hooding of the upper eyelid that’s very commonly seen. Botox treatment in this area has multiple goals including softening the lines or crow’s feet, restoring the level of the tail of the eyebrow and improving the eyebrow shape or arch. All this needs to be done while maintaining the normal function of the muscle so the eyelids can close and protect the eyes as they normally do.

The forehead

The large for head muscle called the front talus muscle is responsible for the horizontal lines that develop overtime. We use this muscle is the only muscle that elevates the eyebrow. Is also very important muscle with regards to our facial expression. The goal of Botox treatment to the four head is to soften the contraction of the frontalis muscle and the associated wrinkles that it causes on the four head. This must be done while maintaining normal expression the ability to support and lift the brow. Treatments in this area must be very refined and subtle. Overtreatment leads to the commonly seen “frozen Botox” appearance of the face as well as drooping and heaviness of the browse and eyelids.

Other areas commonly treated with Botox include

Bunny lines (Next to the nose)
The corners of the moth
The fine lines of the lips (Smoker’s lines)

Are you interested in Botox, or have you had treatments in the past but have not been satisfied with the results? Take your first step by contacting Dr. Joseph in his Newport Beach Office. Dr. Joseph sees patients from all over Orange County. The surrounding areas of Irvine, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach. South Orange County including Laguna, Ladera Ranch, and San Clemente. Inland Orange County including Anaheim Hills, Orange, Yorba Linda, and Brea.

This Is the Biggest Botox Mistake You Can Make, According to the Botched Doctors originally appeared on allure.com.


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