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One of the earliest and most visible signs of aging are wrinkles. They can form on almost any part of your body, but are most evident on your face and forehead. However, there are ways to address these signs and keep a fresh, rejuvenated appearance. One safe and effective way to treat wrinkles is through Botulinum.

At OC Oculoplastic, we believe everyone deserves to achieve their aesthetic goals. That is why we work closely with each patient to find the perfect treatment for them. We tailor your botulinum treatment to specifically match your unique goals and needs.

Before Botox Treatment Patient 11 Front AngleAfter Botox Treatment Patient 11 Front Angle

Botulinum toxin, has been used by doctors to improve facial wrinkles for over two decades. What you may not know is that its use for both medical and cosmetic purposes was pioneered by ophthalmologists. Currently, there are multiple formulations of botulinum toxin, including Dysport, and Xeomin with many more on the horizon.

When used by a trained expert, it can help you achieve an appearance that fills you with confidence.

Botulinum is used primarily to soften facial wrinkles. There are a lot of products that are meant to do the same thing, but Botulinum is very unique and very effective in achieving this goal. Botulinum softens these wrinkles by softening the contractions of the muscles that make the wrinkles.

The less you use these small muscles, the softer your wrinkles will become. Many patients see their wrinkles disappear entirely.

If you have wrinkles around your face or forehead, then Botulinum could be the treatment for you. If you are trying to improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, between the brows, or on the forehead, then a Botulinum treatment is an excellent option.

Botulinum is also available for patients of almost any age. More and more, patients are using Botulinum as a way to prevent wrinkles before they even form. By having earlier Botulinum treatments, your skin can remain smoother as the years go by.

The first step to seeing if Botulinum is right for you is to schedule your consultation. During your consultation with Dr. Joseph in his Newport Beach office, you will learn about the unique treatments he offers, and discuss your individual goals. Together you will develop a plan to maximize your results. If Botox isn’t right for you, he will also inform you of alternative treatments that will help you reach your aesthetic goals


One of the benefits of Botulinum is there is virtually no downtime. Each treatment is quick and convenient. Most patients will be able to return to their daily lives as soon as their treatment session is over.

While your results will last for months to come, you will eventually need touchups to maintain your result. For optimal results and wrinkle-reduction, we recommend treatment every 3-4 months.

There are many different types of medical professionals who offer Botulinum treatments. It can be very overwhelming as a patient trying to decide the best place and person to go to in order to get your best result. A successful Botulinum treatment requires your provider to have three vital attributes.

Experience – Dr. Joseph utilizes Botox in both his aesthetic and reconstructive practice daily. He shares his extensive experience with the residents in training at UC Irvine, where he helps train them in both aesthetic and reconstructive uses of Botulinum.

Ability – In order to reliably achieve desired results from each Botulinum treatment, one must be able to reliably inject precise microscopic amounts of medication to muscles areas that can be a fraction of a millimeter thick. Dr. Joseph is a trained microsurgeon and possesses the skills and ability to provide you with your perfect Botulinum treatment.

Knowledge – The lines that are best treated by Botulinum are around the eyes. Dr. Joseph is one of a small group of doctors who focuses his practice in this area. He has unsurpassed knowledge of the anatomy in this area, and this knowledge is paramount in delivering your desired results.

As an ophthalmologist and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Joseph has extensive experience using Botulinum for various indications. His patients return extremely happy with the results that Botulinum can achieve.

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Schedule Your Consultation Today

If you have used or are considering Botulinum as part of a regimen to achieve your cosmetic goals, a consultation with Dr. Joseph in his Newport Beach office is an excellent place to start. He will sit down with you and discuss, at length, your areas of concern and the best ways to achieve your ideal result.

We work closely with every single patient. Our goal is for you to have a comfortable and enjoyable experience every step of the way. Start fighting wrinkles with Botulinum treatment today!