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What To Expect After Eyelid Surgery

When considering or undergoing eyelid surgery, it’s important to remember that, in addition even a small procedure around the eyes can affect our most important sense, our vision, during recovery.

Understanding what to expect after eyelid surgery is vital to ensuring an appropriate and desirable recovery and results, and is an important part of your consultation with Dr. Joseph

  1. How it will look
  2. How it will feel
  3. How it will affect the vision

How will I look after my eyelid surgery?

The appearance of the eyes and eyelids for the short period after eyelid surgery, of course, is not as important as the appearance of the final results. However, knowing what to expect makes our patients much more comfortable with the healing process as a whole. The eyelids are very delicate structures, but have a very large blood supply. This is why after eyelid surgery, bruising and swelling can be very prominent and noticeable. The amount and duration after eyelid surgery is variable from person to person. Factors such as the type of eyelid surgery, the immune system, other medical problems, and even which side you sleep on can all affect the swelling and bruising. For most people, its expected to have 5 to 10 days of noticeable bruising and swelling.





How will I feel after my eyelid surgery?

Despite our eyelids and eyes being very sensitive structures, the good news is that the recovery from eyelid surgery is a relatively comfortable process. Common issues after eyelid surgery include soreness, mild burning, mild “scratchiness” on the surface of the eye, itching, and a mild headache. Discomfort usually lasts only 1 to 2 days and most patients require only mild pain medication such as over-the-counter Tylenol.

How will my eyelid surgery affect my vision?

The eyelids have an intimate relationship to our eyes and vision. The health, structure and function of the lids are vital to maintaining good vision. Dr. Joseph approaches eyelid surgery with this relationship at the forefront to maintain the health of the eyes and vision. As we heal from eyelid surgery, the normal recovery process can have an effect on our vision. The most common issues after eyelid surgery include mild blurring of vision, sensitivity to light, and rarely mild double vision. These issues tend to resolve in the first few days after surgery.

This summary should serve as a guide as to what to expect after eyelid surgery. It’s important to remember that each procedure and each person is different. Dr. Joseph will discuss the individual aspects of your planned procedure and recovery during your consultation in our Newport Beach office.


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