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Eyelid Crease Surgery (Asian Blepharoplasty) Newport Beach

Asian blepharoplasty is a detailed procedure to address the unique features of the Asian eyelid. Asian eyelids have different anatomy than Caucasian eyelids. Dr. Joseph’s experience gives him an intricate understanding of the many unique anatomic features of the Asian eyelid. As an oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Joseph focuses on double eyelid surgery and performs this procedure routinely.

The goal of Asian blepharoplasty is to create a natural, symmetric asian eyelid crease. While various techniques may be offered in Orange County, Dr. Joseph prefers to use an incisional technique to reliably create the eyelid crease or fold. This fold will be constructed in such a way as to maintain the patient’s natural appearance, and avoid creating a “Westernized” eyelid.

How is Asian blepharoplasty (or double eyelid surgery) different?

A large percentage of Asian people have either a poorly formed or absent eyelid crease or fold. In addition, differences are found in the location and amount of eyelid fat and the features of the eyelid elevating muscle (the levator muscle). Complete understanding of these features is essential to create a reliable and pleasing result. If eyelid surgery is approached the same way in an Asian eyelid as in a Caucasian eyelid, the result will yield an unnatural crease and appearance.

Surgeons from different specialties may offer double eyelid surgery to their patients. As an oculofacial plastic surgeon specializing in eyelid surgery, Dr. Joseph focuses his practice on this area and this type of surgery. This enables Dr. Joseph to tailor your Asian eyelid surgery to your specific needs and goals.

This surgery can be performed with minimal anesthetic. Often only a local anesthetic is needed. If desired, sedatives delivered intravenously by an anesthesiologist can be used to maximize comfort and relaxation. Dr. Joseph will discuss all of your options for your double eyelid surgery with you during your consultation.

During your consultation with Dr. Joseph in his Newport Beach office, you will learn about his unique experience with asian blepharoplasty, and discuss your individual goals. Together you will develop a plan to maximize your results.


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