Dark Circles Treatment in Newport Beach

What Is Dark Circles Treatment?

Dark circles treatment is a way to address those dark circles under your eyes. Dark circles under the eyes can have several causes, but they give your eyes a tired look. And for many patients, these circles do not go away on their own. Thankfully, Dr. Joseph and the team at OC Oculoplastic can help ensure you have that youthful, awake look once again with outstanding dark circles treatment in Newport Beach.

We offer several treatments to help address under-eye bags and dark circles. Call today for more information and to get started on getting yourself a vibrant, refreshed look!

What Causes Dark Circles?

Several things can cause dark circles, ranging from the effects of natural aging to an unhealthy lifestyle. The most common cause is volume loss of the lower eyelid due to age. Under-eye bags that come from aging will only progress with time, so treating them is your best option for boosting your appearance. Hyperpigmentation of the skin is another cause, though less common. However, it can also be treated easily by a trained oculofacial specialist. The thin skin around the eye-socket area will make circles more visible as well. This can also come as a result of rosacea or allergies.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options

The most common non-surgical treatments for dark circles involve injectable fillers. This highly adaptable treatment option is popular among patients for the various ways it can boost and freshen your appearance.

Injectable or dermal fillers are a reliable and easy way to combat dark circles under your eyes. Most fillers involve the use of refined hyaluronic acid gel. Hyaluronic acid is a natural part of your body and injecting it into the area under your eyes is a safe and effective way to replace the volume you’ve lost. At OC Oculoplastic, we use only the most advanced filler products, several of which you can choose from. A quality filler treatment injected around the eyes is reliable to restore fullness and vibrancy while addressing hollow, sunken, or puffy eyelids. You would be surprised at their efficacy. Even if another doctor has recommended surgery, using a filler like Restylane, Juvederm, Belotero, or Voluma may be all that’s needed to address your dark circles without the complications or recovery time of surgery.

Getting Dermal Fillers at OC Oculoplastic

Dr. Joseph uses only the latest technology when performing filler injections. We use a micro-cannula to minimize bruising while injecting the filler in some cases. In short, we combine safety and efficacy for a top-of-the-line treatment every time.

Dermal injections are performed in the office during a short visit and require little to no recovery time. Using a needle-less technique, Dr. Joseph ensures his patients can leave the office and return to their activities right after the procedure. In some cases, there may be some swelling or bruising, but this can be lessened with the application of ice.

Surgical Treatment Options

One method to help address your under-eye circles is lower eyelid surgery or lower eyelid blepharoplasty. This cosmetic surgery targets your lower eyelids to remove excess or droopy skin. Using minimally invasive methods, Dr. Joseph will restore your lower eyelids to a better-looking state, giving you a more well-rested look.

Our blepharoplasty procedures largely work by targeting excess fat or loose skin and removing it or folding it back. Dr. Joseph can reposition excess lower lid skin, so it no longer gives the impression that its sagging or baggy.

Recovery Time for Lower Eyelid Surgery

The recovery from a lower eyelid blepharoplasty should only take between two to three weeks. You may need ice and over-the-counter medication to help keep down the swelling during this time. After a week, you can return to our office, and we will remove the sutures from your lower eyelids. We will also check the progress of your recovery and provide any additional care or solutions you may need. It will take a month or two for the incisions to heal completely, though they should be barely visible during this time.

All surgery involves scarring, but Dr. Joseph is an expert at hiding any scars or marks in the creases of your eyelids, so no one should even know you had the procedure. The results will be the only giveaway.

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You can get that awake, aware look back with dark circle treatment options from Dr. Joseph at OC Oculoplastic. Whether you want a surgical or non-surgical treatment, we can find the perfect option. When you visit our office for your consultation, we will go over all the possibilities for blepharoplasty or injectable fillers with you, so you can make sure you are getting the results you are after.

Dr. Joseph is here for all your eye beautification needs. Call today to get started on your personalized dark circles treatment in Newport Beach!