By Sam Escobar
SEP 17, 2015
Given the prevalence of plastic surgery in our society — both on television and in real life — it’s easy to feel like cosmetic procedures aren’t really that big a deal. Still, it’s so important to remember that even if it’s become more common than ever to get a “simple” tummy tuck or facelift, these are still real medical procedures that doctors need to go through years and years of training to properly handle.
Ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeons are board certified in ophthalmology. Trained to take care of our eyes and vision, Dr. Joseph then trained an additional 2 years in eyelid surgery.
One woman found this out the hard way when she got an eyelid lift that wound up changing her life for the worse.
Dawn, a mom from Newcastle, England, opted to get an eyelid lift after losing 56 pounds as the result of gastric bypass surgery. “I lost so much volume from my face, but it was my upper eyelids that were really bothering me,” Dawn told ITV’s This Morning. When her surgeon, a member of the same practice that did her bariatric surgery, recommended she do both upper and lower eyelid, she decided to go for it. When she woke up, however, she knew something was terribly wrong.
Women's botched surgery, scars around eyes

While thousands of successful cosmetic procedures are performed each year, stories like Dawn’s make it painfully clear just how important it is to do your research on both the surgery and the surgeon, and to fully understand the potential consequences you may face if something goes wrong.

It is so important to understand the potential for complications after cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic eyelid surgery is very common, but it is the eyelids that protect our most vital sense, vision, by protecting the health of our eyes. Choosing a surgeon like Dr. Jeffrey Joseph, in Newport Beach, California is very important. He is an EYELID SPECIALIST, trained in oculoplastic surgery. His training and experience means you are protecting yourself from risk while ensuring a natural refreshed result.