How Microneedling Improves Appearance of Surgical Scars

When you think of eyelid surgery, you probably assume that you will be going under the knife. Fortunately, we have made significant advancements in our oculofacial treatments so we can offer you non-surgical solutions to improve the look and feel of your skin. Microneedling is one of our most popular procedures for patients looking for a refreshing cosmetic change. Below, we look at how microneedling improves appearance of surgical scars.

How Microneedling Improves Appearance of Surgical Scars

While traditional eyelid surgery is a valid option for certain patients, people are becoming increasingly tired of the way their results look. They are particularly worried about the appearance of surgical scars. After your surgery-based eyelid treatment, you can sign up for a microneedling session to reduce leftover blemishes. Today, we will talk about how microneedling improves the appearance of surgical scars when performed quickly after your procedure.

How It Works

Surgical scars and similar traumatic scars can form as a result of eyelid surgery. Depending on the techniques used during your lid lift, you may or may not leave visible scars behind. Many patients can reduce or even obscure this scarring using a microneedling treatment. This method of healing also helps to improve the appearance of stretch marks by promoting collagen production.

It is traditional wisdom that treatment to reduce scars should be delayed until after the wound has healed, but information published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows that microneedling can help surgical scars heal more attractively when it is applied early. The results may stem from reactivating the healing process at a stage when collagen production is beginning to decline.

During Your Microneedling Session

Microneedling uses a small needle to create tiny punctures in the skin. These tiny injuries trick your body into thinking that there has been an injury and send it a message to begin the healing process. As the skin heals, it produces new collagen and elastin to smooth out your complexion and keep it healthy looking. This quickly gets rid of wrinkles and hides other blemishes so you will continue to look young.

Microneedling with Morpheus8

Morpheus8 is a minimally invasive device that merges microneedling with fractional radiofrequency technology to improve skin appearance and firmness. The process pricks the skin with very tiny needles that can barely be felt. These pinpricks trigger collagen production and remodeling in a natural anti-aging process. The thermal energy of the radiofrequency technology penetrates deep into the tissue to sculpt and tighten it.

The radiofrequency energy can be adjusted to reach different layers of the tissue, allowing practitioners to treat all types of skin issues. It can even be used on areas of the body such as the stomach to reduce sagging and firm up areas of loose skin.

Does Microneedling Hurt?

The treatment is painless, although patients may experience slight redness that looks and feels like a sunburn for up to a week after the procedure. It is important to use sunscreen and follow a good skincare routine post-treatment to improve results. Some patients also notice grid marks on the skin after treatment, but these should fade in two weeks.

Benefits and Side Effects

If you are interested in improving your surgical scars with microneedling, we recommend getting a consultation and setting up a series of treatments that are usually performed every two to four weeks. You should also commit to taking good care of your skin after each session. This means keeping it hydrated with healthy products and avoiding sun exposure. This will encourage collagen production and better results. You should also avoid wearing makeup and other skincare products that clog pores.

In a typical microneedling session, you first get a numbing cream spread on your face. Then, the person doing the procedure moves a pen-shaped tool with needles around your face, making tiny punctures in your skin. These trick the body into believing that you’ve got an injury and send healing responses to repair them. The treatment can help improve lines, wrinkles, and other cosmetic concerns.

Reduce Your Visible Scars with Microneedling Today

Our Morpheus8 microneedling solutions offer incredible results to anyone who is looking for fabulous results post-blepharoplasty. Try to schedule your non-surgical microneedling session soon after your eyelid surgery, as early intervention can really improve the way your scars look. Some patients are lucky enough not to have scars left over after an eyelid procedure. However, if you do have some visible scarring and you do not want to be stuck with it, then microneedling might be for you. Get in touch with our experts to find out what treatment plan best suits your needs.