Should I Choose Fillers or Surgery?

Fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, and other signs of aging are perfectly natural. However, signs of aging can also produce anxiety if they are unwanted. If you find yourself feeling emotional distress due to your appearance, it might be time to visit a plastic surgeon, who can recommend different aesthetic procedures such as plastic surgery or dermal fillers. You may want to ask, “Should I choose fillers or surgery?”

Should I Choose Fillers or Surgery?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Below, our experts will help you determine what kind of aesthetic procedure will best inspire a new wave of self-confidence inside and out. If you are local to the Newport Beach area, schedule your eyelid surgery in Newport Beach today!

What are Fillers?

Getting fillers involves a nonsurgical option for a younger appearance. Instead of going under the knife, your plastic surgeon will inject the filler under your skin. Filler injections are a quick procedure with equally quick results! Your appearance will almost immediately have the desired change. Fillers can be used in many places on your face, such as on the lips, cheeks, eyelids, and under the eyes. It all depends on your desired appearance results.

What is Facelift Surgery?

Facelifts are a type of cosmetic surgery that targets loose skin or wrinkles in your neck and face. Your surgeon will remove any loose skin and then tighten the tissues and muscles under your skin. After the underlying structure is tightened, your surgeon will reattach your skin to the original incision. Your skin will be stretched tightly, creating a smoother face and a younger-looking you!

Who Benefits From Fillers?

Fillers are designed to target light wrinkles and fine lines, as well as minor loss of volume in your skin. In other words, fillers are best for mild signs of aging. If you are in your mid-50s or younger, fillers can likely address your concerns.

Fillers also have a short recovery period, barely any time at all! Most people who get fillers will only need a matter of hours before they feel back to normal. If you can’t spare much time for recovery, and you are a good candidate for fillers, then fillers will likely be a better option for you.

Who Benefits From Plastic Surgery?

Unlike fillers, surgery can target deeper wrinkles, loose skin, and jowls. If you have moderate to major signs of aging, fillers may actually cause your appearance to look more bloated due to the looseness of your skin. For this reason, facelifts are excellent options for older patients, but any patient can get a facelift depending on their aesthetic goals.

Because facelifts are more intensive procedures than fillers, patients will need someone to help care for them while they recover. It often takes facelift patients roughly five to six weeks to recover. You will likely be able to return to work much sooner, however, about a week after your procedure. For the rest of your recovery period, it’s important to refrain from heavy activity. It might take even longer to fully recover depending on the individual.

How Long Will My Cosmetic Results Last?

As you have learned, the facelift process is fairly intensive. Thankfully, this also translates to longer-lasting results. You can expect your facelift results to last about seven to ten years! After this time you may need additional follow-up treatment.

Of course, the results also depend on the care you show your body. If you follow a healthy skin care regimen, the results should last closer to the ten-year mark. In contrast, fillers are relatively short-term. You can expect multiple injections, as results typically last about six months to a year.

Find Your Favorite Local Provider ASAP

It’s important to see a plastic surgeon instead of any other type of provider. Plastic surgeons are specially trained in achieving your desired aesthetic combined with their medical knowledge. This combination of focuses means that plastic surgeons can tailor your treatment to your individual needs. Whether you choose to get fillers or surgery, no procedure is one-size-fits-all. If you are curious about how your specific needs can be addressed, don’t hesitate to reach out about injectable fillers in Newport Beach today!