Testimonial 7

Dr. Jeffrey Joseph & his staff deserves 987 stars!! I had never considered any kind of cosmetic procedure in my 44 years until I recently hit a point where I couldn’t look in the mirror anymore! I had sailed through life with people thinking I was about a decade younger than I was & I always imagined I’d be one of those women who could pride myself on never having any work done & always looking 10-20 years younger…
Well… not so much after I hit 40!! I don’t know if it’s this particular double-digit, raising two special needs kids or just getting chubby & suffering from sleep deprivation?! But whatever the case may be, my face & neck started to resemble that of my unattractive mother & less than an attractive grandmother. So with lots of anxiety, questions & reservations I decided it was time to erase my hereditary bags under my eyes, neck gobbler & tired eyelids. & Dr. Joseph accomplished it all in our first session!!
He not only took the time to discuss the non-surgical procedures but he also made me feel at ease & very comfortable with what would be the results & visual changes. I had anticipated keeping this my own little secret & letting people just believe I had actually slept a full night or learned how to actually apply to make up… However, 20 minutes after I had my procedures I was sending everyone I knew, my before & after pictures (& it only gets better in the next two weeks)!
Needless to say, I’m not only elated with his work but I am also extremely happy that it looks so natural, subtle & much like me before my face started falling! He’s a miracle worker & his staff is absolutely incredible. Even my daughter who notices next to nothing, said, “Mommy, your bags are gone!”… That’s enough confirmation for me that Dr. Joseph is # 1!

“‘Mommy, your bags are gone!’… That’s enough confirmation for me that Dr. Joseph is # 1!”