What Does Double Eyelid Surgery Entail?

Cosmetic surgery offers plenty of revolutionary ways to improve the appearance, shape, size, and even the health of your body. From small facial maintenance needs to larger aesthetic overhauls, there are plenty of treatments available to help you realize your best self. Double eyelid surgery, for example, is one specific procedure designed to create an upper eyelid crease in patients born without a double eyelid. What does double eyelid surgery entail? Who is it for?

What Does Double Eyelid Surgery Entail?

What is the recovery process like? Also known as Asian eyelid surgery, double eyelid surgery is designed to give you incredible results. With the right surgeon and the right technique, you can maintain facial symmetry while still keeping your natural look. Keep reading to learn more about this versatile surgery option.

The Procedure

Double eyelid surgery works by adding a crease in the upper eyelids to create a natural-looking fold. While some people are born with this upper eyelid crease, others do not have it. Those without the crease have what is called a monolid, and are usually of East Asian descent.

Traditional Surgery

The way traditional double eyelid surgery works is simple, but it does require full surgery and generalized anesthesia. The doctor starts by making creases at the upper lids by pulling the skin tight in each direction. This method is meant to increase the volume and depth of the eyes. While incisions are required, they are done in a way that results in deep folds and barely visible scar tissue.

Suture Method

There is a non-surgical approach to achieving double eyelids as well. The surgeon can add sutures to each side of the eyelid, pulling the skin and muscle underneath while holding them in place. This is a good option for those who want small or temporary changes.

The suture approach is suitable only for some patients, primarily those without excess skin over the upper eyelid creases. If you are looking for a better fold but you do not want to make a dramatic alteration to your face, then this may be the best option. It is a less invasive choice, though it is more difficult to qualify for.

Problems Treated with Double Eyelid Surgery

Double eyelid surgery is performed to adjust monolid eyes, in which the upper eyelids are missing a crease. This is common within the East Asian population, though others may be eligible as well. In this procedure, a surgeon creates a natural-appearing fold of the upper eyelid, which creates more dimension and also provides a much younger appearance.

This surgery does not change your natural eye shape. Many people fear going for an Asian eyelid operation because of this very reason—changing the shape of their original eyelids. Double eyelid surgery is thus catered to simply enhance your features, keeping in mind your natural beauty and ethnicity. Our techniques only amplify your uniqueness, helping you achieve your own standard of beauty without sacrificing who you are.

Is Double Eyelid Surgery Difficult?

Double eyelid surgery is one of the most meticulous procedures since perfection in crease formation is needed. More often than not, this involves lifting or removing excess skin on the eyelids, which can open up the area around the eyes. The ideal crease will be natural-looking, symmetrical, and uniform, with proper skin balancing above and below to maintain harmony in the face.

This added crease gives the eyes more depth, and the lift of the lids widens the eye shape. These are long-term results that anybody wanting to rejuvenate and brighten their appearance will want to have.

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At the office of Dr. Jeffrey Joseph, we strive to be the best provider of double eyelid surgery for the widest possible range of patients. It is important that each patient is met with a customized plan of care, detailing the best treatment for their unique eye shape. We offer both traditional and non-surgical eyelid surgeries for those in need of some simple rejuvenation. By improving and enhancing the shape of your eyelids, we are offering you a way to feel better about the way you look – without taking away any of your originality.

Check out our options for Asian blepharoplasty, which are aimed at reducing downtime and overall discomfort. Whether this is your first time exploring any kind of cosmetic surgery or you want to enhance past improvements with double eyelid surgery, you might find the perfect solution with us. If you feel that this surgery could benefit your aesthetic ideals, reach out to us today!