5 Habits That Might Be Causing Dark Circles

Dark circles are the bane of many hard-working folks who end up afflicted by this annoying problem through a number of different avenues – oftentimes through no fault of their own. Especially as one ages, these dark circles become an increasing risk as time goes on. They carry with them a number of unfortunate connotations and impressions. Below we cover 5 habits that might be causing dark circles.

5 Habits That Might Be Causing Dark Circles

If you’re suffering from this obnoxious issue, then take a look over some of the personal habits you might be engaging in that can cause this issue while you research eyelid surgery in Newport Beach.

What’s Up With Dark Circles?

Dark circles are fortunately not a medical issue in the way that they can impact your health in a serious way.

Rather, they are an aesthetic issue. However, they have the potential to impact one’s mental and emotional health in negative ways depending on their severity and duration.

Regardless of how they impact you on a personal level, life is typically better without them. That’s why it’s always worth the effort of diminishing their effect.

1. Lack of Sleep

This one doesn’t necessarily take a rocket scientist to figure out. If you skip on sleep, there’s a strong chance that you’ll end up with dark circles the next day.

If this becomes a chronic habit, then you’ll likely find that the formation of dark circles also becomes chronic as well.

Fortunately, this problem has a simple solution – get more high-quality sleep. Depending on who you are, that could be easier said than done.

If that’s the case, it behooves one to consult with their physician on how to solve this issue on a personal level.

2. Rubbing Your Eyes

Rubbing your eyes excessively also has the potential to create dark circles.

The skin under the eyes is especially thin, and rubbing them in a chronic way has the potential to cause them to thicken through a process called lichenification.

Skin that is thickened through such a process typically carries more pigment, which can cause the appearance of dark circles.

3. Rapid Weight Loss

In many cases, weight loss is beneficial and carries with it a number of positive mental and physical health benefits.

However, losing weight too quickly can be somewhat hazardous sometimes. One of the hazards carried by this process is a loss of padding body fat that gives the physique volume.

The under-eyes are one area of the body that contains fat such as this. Losing weight too quickly can cause an imbalance in this aspect of the body, leading to dark circles.

4. Unchecked Allergies

Allergies can wreak havoc on many systems of the body, including the eyes. This most often displays itself as itchy, watery eyes that require constant rubbing and drying.

One chemical that’s created through this process is known as histamine, which can irritate the body’s blood vessels. Causing them to dilate, it can cause a bluish hue to appear in the under eyes. Through this obnoxious process, there can be a creation of dark circles under the eyes.

5. Excess Sun Exposure and Lack of Protection

It’s not as commonly understood as some of the other causes on this list, but failing to protect your eyes adequately against the sun can also lead to dark undereye circles.

That’s because excess sun exposure can break down collagen in the skin. Collagen is one of the materials that gives the skin lift and volume.

Collagen also helps the skin retain water, which helps to stave off wrinkles and keep the skin taught and supple.

If the skin’s collagen is affected, there are a number of effects that are possible. One is the creation of dark circles.

Determining The Source of Your Dark Circles

Determining the exact source of your own dark circles can be somewhat challenging. Sometimes it takes a concerted effort of examining your own lifestyle habits and tendencies.

For some patients, there will be obvious sources. For others, it might be more subtle. You’ll be able to consult with your physician regarding your personal case.

Their professional opinion will likely be able to give you some clarity regarding possible lifestyles to alter, as well as the best and most realistic path forward in order for you to eliminate your dark circle issue.

The Dark Circle Experts of Newport Beach

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