Does Asian Eyelid Surgery Improve Ptosis?

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Jeffrey Joseph Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery is known for providing incredible and natural-looking Asian eyelid surgery results to patients in Newport Beach. Anyone born without an upper eyelid crease can instantly gain more volume and depth in this area after going through one of our certified cosmetic procedures. Our truly eye-opening techniques add creases and folds … Read more

Why Choose a Mid Facelift?

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Daily care plays a crucial role in achieving your aesthetic and wellness goals. Despite maintaining a healthy lifestyle, some signs of aging will still persist over time. This leads to a major dip in confidence, self-esteem, and physical wellness. Plastic surgery has become a valuable tool for many looking to improve their overall outlook. This … Read more

Can You Combine Asian Eyelid Surgery with Other Procedures?

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Eyelid surgery is performed using several techniques that are as diverse as our patients. Everyone deserves a unique approach to cosmetic wellness, and our ophthalmic plastic surgery team prioritizes the harmony of inner and outer health above all else. So, can you combine Asian eyelid surgery with other procedures? Can You Combine Asian Eyelid Surgery … Read more

Mid Facelift Versus Mini and Full Facelift

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If you are considering a facelift, you might have a lot of questions about how the procedure works. Did you know that there are multiple types of facelift procedures available to our Newport Beach patients? Between full facelifts and mini facelifts, there are different ways you can restore youthfulness and self-confidence to your face. If … Read more

How to Prolong Brow Lift Results

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When matched with a top-notch oculoplastic surgeon, you will get top-notch results. Our Orange County brow lift options are some of the best in the area, offering both effectiveness and longevity. Since the signs of aging can appear almost overnight, it can be shocking when patients discover how far their brows have sunk from their … Read more

What To Combine a Brow Lift Procedure With: 3 Complementary Procedures

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A brow lift adds life and definition to the upper portion of the face, eliminating troublesome aging lines and wrinkles. However, many don’t know that this procedure can be effectively combined with other plastic surgery procedures to create very synergistic aesthetic makeovers for the patient. Below we cover what to combine a brow lift procedure … Read more

5 Habits That Might Be Causing Dark Circles

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Dark circles are the bane of many hard-working folks who end up afflicted by this annoying problem through a number of different avenues – oftentimes through no fault of their own. Especially as one ages, these dark circles become an increasing risk as time goes on. They carry with them a number of unfortunate connotations … Read more

Should a Brow Lift Feel Tight?

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Undertaking major or minor surgeries of any degree of seriousness is bound to leave some kind of impact on the body, whether that’s in the long or short term. A common question we receive is: should a brow lift feel tight? Should a Brow Lift Feel Tight? In the case of a brow lift, there … Read more

How a Plastic Surgeon Treats Genetic Dark Circles

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Late nights, early mornings, and poor-quality sleep can lead to dark circles. While you can usually overcome this with some good rest, stress relief, and hydrating, persistent dark circles can be difficult to get rid of altogether. Sometimes dark circles are due to genetics which can result in the need for cosmetic intervention. Below you … Read more

Difference Between a Mid Facelift and Traditional Facelift

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Working towards your aesthetic and wellness goals requires a daily routine of care, which can help you live longer and look younger as the years go by. But some signs of aging cannot be prevented no matter how many times you hit the gym. For many people, plastic surgery can be an additional tool that … Read more