Does Asian Eyelid Surgery Improve Ptosis?

Jeffrey Joseph Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery is known for providing incredible and natural-looking Asian eyelid surgery results to patients in Newport Beach. Anyone born without an upper eyelid crease can instantly gain more volume and depth in this area after going through one of our certified cosmetic procedures. Our truly eye-opening techniques add creases and folds to eyelids with almost no visible scarring.

Does Asian Eyelid Surgery Improve Ptosis?

Also known as double eyelid surgery, Asian eyelid surgery is usually performed on patients looking to refine their facial symmetry without changing the way they naturally look. But there are certain cases where a patient is looking to get Asian eyelid surgery for other reasons. They might be suffering from ptosis, a condition in which one or both upper eyelids have started to droop lower than normal. Traditional eyelid surgery aims to correct the symptoms of ptosis, though other eyelid surgery techniques may also be used.

This begs the question – does Asian eyelid surgery improve ptosis?

About Ptosis

Many people understand ptosis as a condition that causes drooping lids. But your eyelids can droop and sag for several reasons, including the natural aging process. However, ptosis defines a specific condition where the biggest symptom is one or both drooping lids. It usually occurs because the levator muscles (which control your eyelids) have become weak and are unable to fully lift your lid.

Someone with ptosis might notice that one eyelid is drooping lower than the other, causing a facial imbalance. Eyesight problems are also possible as dramatic untreated eyelid sagging can literally obstruct vision. Depending on the severity of ptosis, Asian eyelid surgery may or may not be able to fix the issues alone.

About Double Eyelid Surgery

The major purpose of double eyelid surgery is to create an extra fold in the upper eyelid so it will form a natural crease. This is typically performed on patients of East Asian descent, although people with a monolid or a similar lack of eye crease may also qualify. Double eyelid surgery is a cosmetic procedure first and foremost, so it may not always be the best solution for serious cases of ptosis.

That being said, it is possible to use Asian eyelid surgery to correct very mild appearances of ptosis. The surgeon will need to use extra upper eyelid skin to create the new crease. If ptosis has caused an excess of drooping or sagging skin, some of this skin can be incorporated into the new fold. However, Asian eyelid surgery alone is not designed to treat or cure ptosis.

How Ptosis Eyelid Surgery Can Help

If you have recently visited the surgeon for a proper diagnosis, then you will have a good idea of how serious your case of ptosis is. The surgeon may recommend that you combine procedures or sign up for multiple different treatment types to accurately assess all of your needs. You can still be a good candidate for Asian eyelid surgery if you lack a natural upper crease. However, you may also need a dedicated ptosis repair treatment to help lift sagging lids and restore strength to the underlying muscles that control them.

You can get a much better idea of our services and how they can be tailored to your needs when you schedule a consultation with our Newport Beach experts. You must visit a certified oculofacial and ophthalmic plastic surgeon who knows exactly how to treat even the most subtle cases of ptosis. A general surgeon may not have enough experience to understand the intricacies behind ptosis and double eyelid repair.

Combining Your Procedures

Patients who have more than one cosmetic concern will need multiple surgeries to complete treatment. Our surgeons are happy to provide the benefits of a double lid lift, but ptosis repair will be prioritized. Since ptosis surgery can cause some scarring, there will likely be a waiting period in between your operations. Asian eyelid surgery requires similar incisions and causes similar scarring as ptosis repair, and we will not perform surgery over new scar tissue.

By signing up for two separate surgeries, you are putting your general well-being above all else. Once your eyelids are free from the annoying symptoms of ptosis, you will have a much more successful time with your double eyelid surgery.

Rejuvenate Your Look with Asian Eyelid Surgery and Ptosis Repair

There are many different types of eyelid surgery options at the office of Dr. Jeffrey Joseph. You might be someone who has been wanting a double eyelid lift for a long time but is also struggling to deal with the symptoms of ptosis. These conflicting issues can prevent you from seeking proper care due to the fear that you will not be able to get everything done. We offer treatments for each and every one of your concerns, using a combination of skills and expertise to give you a face you can be truly satisfied with.