Risk Factors for Dry Eyes

concept of dry eyes

Dry eyes are a common condition that impacts the level of lubrication on your eyes. Tear production is necessary to protect your eyes from harmful bacteria. Without adequate lubrication, serious complications from dry eyes can occur. Below you will find the common risk factors for dry eyes and what treatment options are available. Risk Factors … Read more

Common Eye Injuries

Man wiping eye after common eye injuries

Due to your eyes’ delicate and complex nature, injuries can lead to major issues if not taken care of right away. Certain eye injuries can cause vision loss or blindness. With that, an eye injury should not be treated at home as even a moderate issue can have a lasting impact on your vision. Below … Read more

Getting Back to Life After Facial Injury

Getting back to life after a facial injury.

One of the most difficult injuries someone can have is a facial injury. It can be painful and impact the way you look for a period of time. While facial injuries can be difficult, there‚Äôs hope for the future, and you should not feel discouraged. Below you will find some helpful tips on getting back … Read more