Getting Back to Life After Facial Injury

One of the most difficult injuries someone can have is a facial injury. It can be painful and impact the way you look for a period of time. While facial injuries can be difficult, there’s hope for the future, and you should not feel discouraged. Below you will find some helpful tips on getting back to life after facial injury.

Getting Back to Life After Facial Injury


After a facial injury, it is vital to get medical treatment. Some facial injuries will require general surgery, others may require more cosmetic treatments, or you may need both. Trauma repair is likely necessary if you have any injury to your eyes as your vision may be impacted.

Get Your Affairs in Order:

If your injuries are immediate, seek medical treatment right away, as suggested above. However, you need to also focus on getting your affairs in order as soon as possible. If this was a car accident or someone else is at fault, contact a legal professional. You should also contact your insurance carrier to get as much as you can covered and ensure that everything is documented. If you can have someone help you with this, that is best as you should be focusing on rest. The key is to document everything throughout the process so you can focus primarily on recovery.

Post-Treatment Care:

Talk with your medical provider to see what post-treatment care you will need. You may need a secondary surgery, follow-up appointments, or something else, depending on your unique injury. Take charge of your post-treatment care and don’t let your medical care fall through the cracks. Your post-treatment care is just as important as your immediate medical care as it can ensure your full recovery.

Take It Easy:

Depending on the type of facial injury, you’ll need to consider modifying your day-to-day routine. You will likely need to reduce your physical movement, rest as much as possible, and focus on your recovery. Many people get impatient and want to get back to their normal routine as soon as possible, but your full recovery heavily depends on how you take care of yourself.

Work Modifications:

If you are working, you will likely not be able to take an infinite amount of time off. Once you get cleared to go back to work, discuss work modifications with your employer. This may mean working from home or reduced hours until you are back to full health. Keeping your health at the forefront of the modifications should be your top priority.


Depending on your facial injury, the injury itself may be visible. This can impact your self-esteem and confidence. Talk with your friends and family about how you are feeling and let them know how they can help. If you can’t quite get back to feeling like yourself again, consider talking to a mental health professional.

Reconstructive Surgeon in Newport

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