Testimonial 6

I found Dr. Joseph after a ridiculous experience looking for an expert, caring cosmetic doctor in Newport Beach. You name the doctor, I visited their office and somehow each visit was offbeat in some way……..
I’m 40 years old and just needed the basics, botox, and fillers…I didn’t need surgery or anything complicated, so I thought it was a no brainer, but consultation after consultation, I realized each doctor lacked in some significant ways, starting with their staff.
You can tell a lot about a doctor simply by whom he or she hires to answer the phones and cover the front desk. I always assumed with all the money made in plastic surgery, surely the staff would be mature, friendly, and skilled. To my surprise, I couldn’t find a decent front desk anywhere in Newport! And it made sense because most of the doctors seemed more interested in cost than building trust, so why wouldn’t their hired staff operate in the same vein?
I almost gave up. Seriously, I was exhausted! I had visited at least 6 or 7 Newport Beach doctors in a matter of days. On my last attempt, I decided to look deeper into YELP and found Dr. Jeffrey Joseph. His reviews were impeccable, so I made an appt.
Starting with the staff, Dr. Joseph’s office is not only friendly but deeply caring. I didn’t feel judged or like I was visiting a superficial amusement park like so many other places. It felt like I knew everyone. And they made me feel right at home. At the same time, the office is polished, the staff is professional and on point.
Dr. Joseph was the icing on the cake. No wonder his staff is so warm-hearted. His heart is pure gold and it shows in every area. It just gets better because he is clearly an expert and not just with eyes, but with the whole face. He has the quality of an artist and scientist combined, which is why his reviews are so positive, detailed, and generous. I trusted him from the start and felt safe, with no judgment and absolute care and love towards any concerns or questions I had. He took more time with me than all the other doctor consultations combined!
I felt although the quote I got was a little more expensive than the rest, it was WORTH IT by far!!! And that’s coming from someone who works in the non-profit industry, living on a tight budget.
Dr. Joseph filled my under eye area and injected botox in multiple locations around my eyes and forehead. He literally nailed it! I look perfect, natural and no one has a clue I had work done!! I am a patient for life!!!

“He literally nailed it! I look perfect, natural and no one has a clue I had work done!!”