Testimonial 9

I am not a person who typically writes reviews, but after my experience with Dr. Joseph & his team I feel absolutely inclined to do so! In all of my 44 years, this was the first time I have ever had any kind of cosmetic procedure done.
It was prompted when a guy guessed my age and was only two years off, instead of a whole decade off (in the younger direction) which used to be my experience up until 3 years ago. At that moment I started noticing the hereditary bags under my eyes, the gobbler under my chin (giving me flashbacks of sitting on my gramma’s lap smacking her neck back and forth with intrigue & delight) & tiny lines around my lips from drinking out of straws for 35 years. With all of that said, it was time to do something about it & suck it up because aging gracefully & naturally was only looking natural, not graceful in my case!
That’s when I found Dr. Joseph & his staff. I was going to keep this whole thing under wraps & quiet, but 20 minutes after he did Botox, Kybella & Under Eye Filler, I outed myself & have shown everyone the difference & still have two weeks to go before it looks it’s best! I now stare in the mirror instead of avoiding it & feel there is hope to getting back the confidence I had until I started noticing this little thing called age that had been written all over my face.
Dr. Joseph & his staff deserve 987 stars for the work they accomplished on my face yesterday & I believe I will now age naturally (his work looks so natural) & gracefully with a bit of assistance from Dr. Joseph! He took the fear away, he took the anxiety away & he took the eye bags, gobbler & tired old lady face away!! Thank you, Dr. Joseph & staff! You’re the best!!

“Dr. Joseph & his staff deserve 987 stars for the work they accomplished on my face”