A Mid-Facelift Is a Specialized Technique

As you age, you may develop fine lines, wrinkles, and a sudden loss of volume in your face. To remove these early signs of aging from your mid face area, you can undergo a specialized technique known as the mid-facelift.


A mid-facelift is a surgical procedure that allows surgeons to assess the area deep into the central facial muscles. The procedure is useful for tightening the muscles of the cheeks and nasal folds. The technique is used to especially target the middle of the face, which isn’t the main focus with traditional facelifts. A mid-facelift can prove to be more efficient in tightening the central facial muscles.

If you’re suffering from minor loose skin and wrinkles, you won’t need to undergo a full facelift procedure. The mid-facelift is ideal if you only want to make small improvements in your facial region.


Finding expert care

A mid-facelift is a very technical and delicate procedure. It requires expertise and precision. So, it is vital that you talk to a surgeon who has an ample amount of experience performing the surgery. This will help to ensure the best possible results.

When performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon, a mid-facelift can offer better and more natural looking results. The techniques used to perform a mid-facelift can differ based on the problem areas. Your doctor may choose to access the cheeks by going through the under-eye area. It is ideal if your cheeks need to be elevated upward.

For those who require much more work on the central facial area, your doctor may assess the cheeks through the hairline. It allows the surgeon to tighten mid facial muscles in both diagonal and vertical directions.

Reasons to Undergo the Surgery

It is perfect for people who have lost quite a bit of volume in their cheeks but not all of it. Your doctor will need to examine your facial framework and volume loss to ascertain if you are the ideal candidate for a mid-facelift.

Those who have problems such as sagging eyelids or a moderate number of wrinkles on the forehead can opt for other procedures along with mid-facelift for a comprehensive improvement. Depending on your facial aging signs, your doctor may recommend a brow lift along with a mid-facelift. A mid-facelift on its own, however, can also be very effective.

The procedure is popular among those between the ages of 30 and 50. It can also be your first step towards other more complex cosmetic surgical procedure that you can opt for later in your life.


A mid-facelift is not a very long procedure. It can be completed in an hour or two depending on the work involved. It is a surgical treatment that requires a few incisions, but it is less intensive than the traditional technique. You can resume your normal routine a week or so after the procedure. You may experience some minor swelling and pain, but that is expected to subside quickly.


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