How a Mid Facelift Reduces Aging Signs

If you’ve never heard of a mid facelift, you aren’t alone. This procedure is comparatively new but gaining traction as a way to improve the effects of a traditional facelift. A mid facelift is essentially an add-on procedure that precisely targets the area around the nose and cheeks. As a result, it can make the facelift appear more balanced and natural. Let’s see how a mid facelift reduces aging signs.

How a Mid Facelift Reduces Aging Signs

What Is a Mid Facelift?

A mid facelift in Newport Beach is an additional procedure that your plastic surgeon can perform during your traditional facelift. The incisions are the same, preventing you from having any additional scarring. However, your surgeon will cut deeper into the muscle to give themselves increased access to the middle of your face.

The muscles around your cheeks and nose can then be pulled up and secured just below the eye socket. While it may sound a bit unpleasant, this additional procedure gives your surgeon precision control over the middle of your face when they’re doing your facelift.

The Benefits of a Mid Facelift

The benefits of a mid facelift are clear when you think about it. In a traditional facelift, the “lift” is created by stretching the tissue up in a relatively uniform fashion. With the introduction of a mid facelift, your surgeon has improved control over the contours of your face, particularly around the cheeks and nose, which are vital to creating a more youthful appearance.

As a result, a mid facelift can help to avoid the stretched, taut look that sometimes occurs with traditional facelifts by distributing the tension through the middle of the face and up into the hairline. Overall, a mid facelift can make it much harder to tell that you’ve had a facelift while also improving the general appearance of your results.

Other Considerations

The benefits of a mid facelift don’t come without cost. As with any surgical procedure, cutting deeper into the tissue has the potential to lengthen recovery and create additional risk factors. A mid facelift is a complex surgery. And it requires a surgeon who is intimately familiar with the local anatomy and the skill to create flawless precision.

Before deciding to include a mid facelift in your facelift procedure, it is vital that you:

  • Discuss all of the risks posed by the procedure
  • Leanr about your surgeon’s familiarity with the practice

The procedure is fairly new. So it is even more important to use a certified surgeon. Specifically, one who has practice doing mid facelifts with a low rate of complication and a high rate of cosmetic success.

Additional Procedures

Maybe a mid facelift doesn’t appeal to you for any reason. But there are other procedures that can be added to a traditional facelift to improve the overall aesthetic effect. The most common is eyelid surgery to address excess skin or fat in the upper or lower eyelid.

This surgery can be performed alone if you would rather avoid a more invasive procedure like a facelift, or it can be paired with additional procedures to create a more cohesive, anti-aging effect. The choice is up to you, but you can always ask your surgeon for their opinion as well.

If you are interested in having eyelid surgery in Orange County as part of your facelift, then discuss your options with your surgeon. They can help you to evaluate what aspects of your eyelids are causing you to look older. Whether it’s sagging brows, hollowed under eyes, or a more prominent fat pad below the eye, a blepharoplasty can help to give you a brighter and more youthful look.