Should a Brow Lift Feel Tight?

Undertaking major or minor surgeries of any degree of seriousness is bound to leave some kind of impact on the body, whether that’s in the long or short term. A common question we receive is: should a brow lift feel tight?

Should a Brow Lift Feel Tight?

In the case of a brow lift, there is a short-term recovery period in which it’s expected to feel some tightness in the area that has been the target of the surgery.

If you’re thinking about getting a consultation about this surgery or already have one scheduled, here’s some information that can help act as a guide for your expectations surrounding the experience.

What Happens During a Browlift?

A brow lift is a light surgical procedure that is also known as a forehead lift or a browplasty. The lift tightens the upper portion of the face in order to provide a more youthful appearance and counteract some of the sagging features of droopiness.

There are many benefits to this popular procedure. Some of these benefits include:

  • A generally more youthful appearance
  • An easing of forehead wrinkles
  • Removal of the angry expression
  • Accentuation of the arches of the eyebrows
  • A reduction in the appearance of Crow’s feet

During your presurgical consultation with your doctor, you’ll be able to discuss which of these specific benefits will apply to your unique situation, as well as discuss your aesthetic goals for the operation.

Elements of your situation are bound to shift depending on your unique medical situation.

A Sense of Tightness is Common and To Be Expected

Experiencing a sense of tightness after brow surgery is completely to be expected after any kind of brow lift.

Most of the time, these sensations go away within a couple of days, so it isn’t something that you need to necessarily worry about.

This also may not be the limit to your discomfort in the post-surgical state. It’s very common for patients to experience various states of discomfort as their body heals from the stress of surgery. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Bruising in the forehead and brows
  • Bruising on the eyelids
  • Irritation and discomfort in the forehead and brows

Preparing For Your Browlift

Prior to your brow lift, you’ll meet with your physician for a presurgical consultation in order to discuss the unique elements of your situation. Some of the factors that you discuss will impact the overall trajectory of your operation.

If you’re working with a board-certified plastic surgeon, then you should feel assured that your procedure will occur with the highest standards of professionalism and respect, so you should ensure that you perform the necessary research when selecting a doctor.

Some of the advice that your surgeon might over can include dietary modifications, changes in lifestyle, and the cessation of alcohol and smoking.

After The Procedure

In addition, you may be advised to make some precautionary motions. Mainly these aim to prepare yourself and your living environment for your post-surgical state.

This is because, in your post-surgical state, you’ll be in a more fragile position in general. Accordingly, you may want to minimize the amount of strain and stress you perform on yourself.

Some of these precautions will include things like arranging for a friend or loved one to pick you up from the hospital or arranging items in your home to be close to your space of rest.

Additionally, you’ll also find that you’ll want to take care of certain day-to-day concerns, such as pet or childcare, which will become harder while you’re in your post-surgical state.

Easing Your Discomfort

There are a number of steps you can take in order to attempt to ease your discomfort in your post-surgical state if you are experiencing tightness in the brow or other issues.

Some common steps we recommend include these things:

  • Sleeping with your head elevated
  • Applying a cold compress to the area of discomfort
  • Avoiding consumption of toxic substances
  • Avoid exposing the surgical sites to too much pressure, sunlight, or other stressors

In addition, your physician will have other recommendations to assist you with your recovery process. This will include elements of your medical history. And it may include certain prescriptions or other recommended regimental advice to take on.

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