What Makes a Face Pretty?

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it seems as though there are some consistencies in what most people consider pretty or beautiful. While certain aspects of beauty have evolved over time, there are some aspects of beauty that have stayed the same. For example, men’s height and rugged features have always been coveted. Another consistent standard of beauty is facial symmetry, especially the symmetry of one’s eyes as the eyes are often referred to as the window to one’s soul. What makes a face pretty?

Research has even shown that certain facial features are overwhelmingly seen as pretty. These are further supported by the types of facial cosmetic procedures offered by plastic surgeons. Below are the top facial features that are deemed pretty.

What Makes a Face Pretty? 

While all aesthetic tastes are entirely your own, there are some trends among humans. We tend to agree that there are certain aspects of what makes a face pretty.

Facial Symmetry: 

This occurs when the left side of your face perfectly matches the right side of your face. This is rare as most people have some level of asymmetry in their facial features. Research shows that symmetrical faces, as compared to asymmetrical ones, are more attractive across various cultures and periods. When you look in the mirror or at photographs of yourself, you will likely find some asymmetry. This is often found in the eyes as they are two distinct features on each side of your face.

Slender Face: 

A slender face is an indicator of being pretty as it has a lot of assumed characteristics correlated with it. Whether it is true or not, a slender face makes many people think that someone is in good health as they do not have excess facial fat. In addition, it allows your natural bone structure to be easily seen and highlighted as a face with excess facial fat is often just round. 

Large Eyes: 

Research has shown that large eyes are associated with attractiveness. Larger eyes are also associated with higher levels of estrogen in women. Higher levels of estrogen are known to make it easier and faster to conceive. Large eyes with more open eyelids are also associated with a more youthful appearance. As people age, their upper eyelids tend to droop causing them to look more aged. Eyelid surgery can help with the natural progression of eyelid aging.

Good Skin: 

Facial skin is often an indicator of one’s age as it visibly shows the signs of aging. Fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and roughly textured skin can add years to one’s face. Depending on how one’s skin has aged and what sort of lifestyle factors one has partaken in, the signs of aging inevitably show up on one’s face. Cosmetic procedures like injectable fillers are highly popular as they can take years off the look of one’s face. For the best injectable fillers Newport Beach has available, visit OC Oculoplastic today.


Larger lips and a large smile are often coveted and considered pretty. This is because a wide smile is welcoming and shows vulnerability which is seen as attractive. This has become even more popular as of recently, as many women get cosmetic treatments to enhance the size and look of their lips.

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