Can You Go to the Beach After Dermal Fillers?

It’s almost summer, so you may be working on your beach body and trying to plan your next sunny vacation. In addition to your beach body, you may want to get some cosmetic treatments to improve the look of your skin. Dermal fillers are one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment options due to their effectiveness and fast results. There are some helpful tips you should follow after your fillers to ensure the results last. One of the most popular questions is if you can go to the beach after dermal fillers, or outdoors in general. Below you will find the best tips for how to ensure your fillers will heal properly and last.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers and Botox are the most popular and effective non-surgical cosmetic treatment options. This is because both Botox and fillers are highly beneficial for preventing the early signs of aging. In many cases, they are often more effective than their surgical counterparts. Dermal fillers are also less invasive and have a shorter recovery time. Unlike surgical treatments, fillers are also temporary and require upkeep in order to maintain the results. There are a wide variety of fillers, and you and a medical professional can determine which is best for you during your consultation. The purpose of fillers is to provide volume that has been lost due to the effects of aging, or even major weight loss. Fillers can add volume to areas with fine lines, wrinkles, lip lines, and even plumping up your lips. They last around six months, and maintenance is required to maintain your results.

Botox is slightly different from fillers as they relax your muscles to reduce the risk of wrinkles. If you already have some fine lines or wrinkles, Newport Beach Botox can also help reduce the risk of them further deepening. Botox is used to treat fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead, crow’s feet, and the area between your eyebrows. Botox lasts around three to four months, and upkeep is also necessary to maintain your results.

Can You Go to the Beach After Dermal Fillers?

Due to the sensitivity of your skin after fillers, you should avoid the beach for a short time. It is recommended that you stay out of the sun for at least one week after you get fillers. This is because the sun has a negative effect on your skin after you have had fillers. Not only can being out in the sun worsen your skin as it heals, but it can also degrade the hyaluronic acid found in many dermal filler treatments. The effect of the sun can reduce the intended results of your fillers, so it’s crucial to stay out of the sun.

In addition to staying out of the sun, you should follow your prescribed aftercare plan to ensure the most effective results. If you have to go outside after treatment, use SPF and cover your face completely by wearing glasses and a hat that does not allow for any sun exposure. You should not be outside more than twenty minutes, even with protection.

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