What to Know Before Your Eyelid Lift

One of the most noticeable effects of aging on one’s face are the upper eyelids. The sagging can appear droopy and add years to your face. Because your eyes are often the first thing people look at when they see you, it can be much more noticeable than any other aging feature. With that, upper eyelid surgery is a great option for those who are tired of their drooping upper eyelids. Below you will find out what you should know before your eyelid lift.

What to Know Before Your Eyelid Lift

Before you take the leap and get upper eyelid surgery (also referred to as “blepharoplasty”), it’s important to be well-informed so you know what you are getting into. One of the most important factors when it comes to getting cosmetic surgery is managing your expectations. Below you will find some of the most helpful factors to understand when it comes to upper eyelid surgery.


Prepare questions before you arrive at your consultation. There is no dumb question when it comes to cosmetic procedures as it is your body. Determine your realistic expectations so you can get honest answers about the potential outcome for your unique aesthetic goals.

Candidacy Requirements:

During your consultation, it will be determined whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. Good candidates often include those who are healthy, non-smokers, and have a positive outlook with realistic goals when it comes to the procedure. In addition, you should not have any serious eye conditions or diseases as that can impact the effectiveness of the procedure.

Issues Treated:

Upper eyelid surgery is intended to remove the excess skin and fat on your upper eyelids to improve their appearance. The procedure can treat loose or sagging skin on your upper eyelid, fatty deposits that appear as puffiness on your upper eyelids, and drooping upper eyelids. The bottoms of your eyes can be treated as well if you have noticeable bags, excess skin, or wrinkles under your eyes.


The recovery period is one of the most important factors in the success and effectiveness of the procedure. While you may experience bruising and swelling, this is completely normal and should subside within a couple of weeks. Usually patients can go out into public within two weeks. However, the final results can take months as the healing process takes time. It is best to have help post-surgery so you can focus on resting and following your doctor’s orders.


It is vital to understand that if you go through with the procedure certain factors can impact the effectiveness and long-term benefits of the procedure. Certain lifestyle factors can impact the long-term benefits of the procedure, including smoking, excess sun exposure, sleep deprivation, and stress. These factors can impact the health and look of your skin, including your eyes, even after the procedure.


One of the major benefits of the procedure is the renewed confidence you will feel about yourself. Patients often report an increased sense of self-esteem as the procedure not only restores the youthfulness in their face, but the confidence one has in their own self.

Blepharoplasty in Orange County

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