How a Cheek Lift Can Boost Confidence

The effects of natural aging inevitably catch up with everyone. One of the main areas of your face where aging shows up is around your cheeks and eyes. This is because both areas move and are impacted when you smile. Cheeks lifts are a great procedure on their own, or even better, coupled with a facelift. A facelift is more focused on your jawline and neck, whereas the cheek lift can do the heavy lifting when it comes to the center of your face. Let’s look at how a cheek lift can boost confidence.

How a Cheek Lift Can Boost Confidence

The two procedures help restore your skin’s tightness and help shave years off of your face. The procedure can restore your youthful glow and boost your confidence. Below you will find more information about the cheek lift procedure, and how a cheek lift can boost confidence.

Cheek Lift Benefits

Cheek lifts will not only take years off of your face, but can also help improve your self-confidence. Below are some of the major benefits of a cheek lift procedure.

  • Slimmer: The cheek lift coupled with a facelift can drastically slim your face down. The procedure helps contour the area to give your face a more youthful shape and glow.
  • Smoother: Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles as a cheek lift can smooth out your skin. The impact of fine lines and wrinkles on your face can age you more than necessary, so a cheek lift can shed a few years off of your face.
  • Undereye Improvements: While the cheek lift is focused on the center of your face, it will inevitably help smooth out your undereye area. This is helpful and an added bonus to the procedure.

Cheek Lift

A mid-facelift, also referred to as a “cheek lift,” focuses on the upper area of your cheeks. This area can sag and lose volume as you age. This is especially true if you have poor lifestyle habits, such as smoking, excessive drinking, or sun exposure. The changes to your cheeks can be noticeable as you age as the issue can impact the look of your smile. The problem with the heaviness of your cheek as you age is that it can extend to your lower eyelids and further exacerbate the problem. A cheek lift can help address both issues. The procedure lasts around a decade so long as you take good care of your skin and engage in healthy lifestyle habits.

A cheek lift in Newport Beach can elevate and re-inflate the main fat pad in your cheek. This can provide fullness and a much smoother transition from your lower eyelid to your cheek. The procedure itself is very smooth, and there are a few different techniques that can be used to complete the procedure. The type of approach depends on your unique needs, expectations, and whether or not you are getting additional procedures with the cheek lift.

The recovery process is relatively short, and patients return to their day-to-day activities within a couple of weeks. However, that may differ depending on if you get other procedures in conjunction with a cheek lift. It’s important to schedule a consultation with a board-certified ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeon as it is the first step in the procedure. They can answer your questions and prepare you for the procedure.

Newport Beach Oculoplastic Surgeon

If you are concerned about the volume loss in your cheeks and are considering treatment options, contact Dr. Joseph and his team of experts at Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery. Dr. Joseph is a highly experienced and well-known board-certified ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeon that has vast experience in a variety of treatments, including cheek lifts. Dr. Joseph can help you reach your aesthetic goals and help you get your confidence back at any age. Dr. Joseph’s patients report a boost in their self-confidence and overall happiness with their appearance after the procedure. Contact the best Newport Beach oculoplastic surgeon today for a consultation!